Night Glam

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Made of Swarovski Crystal, Pearls, and an Oriental-looking bead, Night Glam definitely suits your need for an occassion.


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Made of Swarovski crystals, Mother Water Pearls, and a rare Glass Bead, Dicember is a design you would not wanna miss!

Limited to only ONE design. Hurry up and buy!

Fisherman Fishes

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Yours Truly, Chixalicious

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Both of them are fully made of Swarovski crystals, can either be a casual or an event acceccory.


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Ethnic Lover v2

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As always, you can always tell us what colors would you like your Swarovski crystals to be and Chixalicious will be happy to customize them for you (:

Ring da Bells

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Something simple, and just for RM6.90. Grab it now duh!


Item Code: N002
Price: RM20.90

Item Code: N003
Price: RM17.90

For those who doesn't fancy the heart shape crystal for valentine, here is more designs.
The first necklace is called starfish as it looks like one. I personally love that crystal a lot because both side of the crystal reflects a different colour. Both picture are of a same crystal on different sides.
Its just a simple and elegant flower for the second necklace.

Valentine Collection

Item Code: N001
Price: RM16.90

Item Code: E026
Price: RM 26.90
( this pair of earring is made out of silver 925)

the colours of swarovski crystals that you may choose from

Valentine is coming!! This is the Valentine collection. Its a day which lovers express their love for each other. Hurry up grab a gift for your Gf if you havent got one yet =D.

Chinese New Year Collection 2

Item Code: E024
Price: RM13.90

Item Code: E025
Price: RM14.90

more chinese new year collections.
Hope you all like it.
Keep checking on the website for more chinese new year collections and the upcoming Valentine collection. =)

Chinese New Year Collection 1

Item Code: E021
Price: RM14.90

Item Code:E022
Price: RM16.90

Item Code:E023
Price: RM16.90

Here comes the CNY collection as promised =D Chinese New Year is all about red , red and more reds. So the CNY collection will be mainly reds. Hope you all like it.

Spiral Collection

Item Code: E019
Price: RM12.90

Item Code: E020
Price: RM12.90

Hand-made spirals. Colours of crystal can be customized too so hurry and grab them!

Jungle Book

Item Code: E017
Price: 17.90
"What is the Law of the Jungle? Strike first and then give tongue."- Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, Mowgli's Brothers
What is the Law of the Earrings? Buy first and then wear it!! - Chixalicious

Ethnic Lover

Item Code: E018
Price: RM14.90
We create this simple design for those who prefers simplicity with a strong sense of elegance. Suitable for daily and evening wear. Made from Swarovski Crystals.

Bohemian Spirit

Item Code: E016
Price: RM25.90

Made from brown glass and swarovski beads, along with white cat eye beads and fresh water pearls, we present to you this pair of earrings which is oriental yet western.
The term bohemian, of French origin, was first used in the English language in the nineteenth century to describe the untraditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished , writers, musicians, and actors in major European cities. Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or antiestablishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through non-marital sexual relations, frugality, and/or voluntary poverty.

The term emerged in France in the 1800s when artists and creators began to concentrate in the lower-rent, lower class gypsy neighbourhoods. The term "Bohemian" reflects a belief, widely held in France at the time, that the Gypsies had come from Bohemia.
Cited from Wikipedia.

Ancient Treasure

Item Code: B001
Price: RM29.90

This is the first bracelet I made. Its made from swarovski crystal and brass colour charms. The bracelet looks antic , so it is name Ancient Treasure. There will be more bracelet and earrings coming up. Chinese New Year collection will be up next. Keep checking on the website.

Glamour Puss

Item Code:E015(black)
Price: Rm25.90

Item Code:E015(red)

These earrings are the perfect ones for dinners. Want to look glamorous? It will stand out and shine under the lights because of the swarvoski crystals.

Customize your choice of colors just an email away!

Little Lantern

Item Code: E002 (Pearl)
Price: RM 12.90

I used glass pearl to make the little lanterns this time instead of beads.
Just love this design a lot.

Christmas Collection

Item Code:E013
Price: RM15.90

Item Code:E014
Price: RM15.90

Item Code:A001
Price: RM 6.90

Some Christmas collection here for those who had not bought any presents yet and do not have time to go find for one. Its a little late but i hope its not too late. So hurry up buy a Christmas present for your friend at Chixalicious.

Ballerina Blue

Item Code:E012
Price: RM12.90

This pair of earrings just looked like a pretty ballerina. When u walk. It looks as if the ballerina is dancing gracefully.

Bella Blue

Item Code: E011
Price: RM14.90

Some how. The name of this pair of earrings reminds me of isabella of twilight. It's simply unique.

Ruby Red

Item Code: E010
Price: RM15.90

This pair of earring is made from Swarovski Crystals. It is simple yet classy, suitable for both day and night.

Want it simple??

All these earrings are made for people who like simple earrings for casual wear.

Item Code: E003
Price: RM6.90

I thought of the name Ribena because when i look at it, it reminds me of the character they use in the Ribena advertisement. Don't you think so??

Item Code:E004
Price: RM5.90

This little pair of earring is the only pair available.

Item Code:E005
Price: RM6.90

This pair of earring absolutely resembles the pretty fur coat of a dalmation dog. Not just that.If u are obsess of polka dots. This is the right pair to pick!!

Mermaid's Scale

Item Code: E009
Price: RM9.90

This earring is inspired by fish scales.
Under the sea... under the sea...


Item Code: E008
Price: RM9.90

Edelweiss, Edelweiss,
every morning you greet me
Small and white,
clean and bright,
you look happy to meet me.

Hanging Garden

Item Code: E007
Price: RM14.90

This is pair of gorgeous earrings. It is like flowers hanging. Why not hang these beautiful flowers on your ears?

Starry Starry Night

Item Code: E006
Price: RmM 29.90

I personally love this pair of earring the best! It is filled with colourful Swarovski Crystals. It shines under the lights like stars in the sky. It can be put on in any occasions.

A very Elegant little piece of earring.

Painting the roses red

Item Code: E003
Price: RM12.90

This is a pair of simple and nice earrings. It's easy to match with clothes because it's not too fancy. It will go very well with ur new year clothes.

Autumn Leaf

Item Code: E001
Price: RM19.90

This design came a long long way, ever since I was in Melbourne 4 years ago. I bought the charm leaf back then and kept it with me. I thought the colour combination that I chose look like the colour of the fallen leaves during autumn and hence the Autumn Leaf. The pearls are glass pearls.

Hope you like it.
Limited*Only has one pair!!!*